Field of Study is Radiation Therapist

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For your final paper, think about the issues in your field of study or your career and delve further into one that interests you. Examples include:

  • If you are going into business, what should minimum wage be?
  • If you are going into health and human services, should healthcare be free for


Educate your audience on the issue and possible solutions and then argue which course of action is the best. Use all the tools from this class (such as CEL: Credibility, Emotion, Logic) to convince the class that your solution is the best. Remember this is a research paper, so do not use “I”.

Feel free to talk to Dr. E or someone in your field to help narrow down your topic. Please note you will be doing a final presentation on this paper to share what you have researched with the class.

Grading & Submission

A rubric is available in Canvas. The key categories for grading are: thesis/evidence, organization, MLA formatting, and grammar. You must use in-text citations and include a Works Cited page in MLA format with at least 5 sources; three of those sources must be from the library databases. This is a research paper, so do not use “I”.

Length: 750+ words

Plagiarism:Papers plagiarized either in whole or in part will receive a “0” and failure of the course.

Sources: (at least 3 need MUST be used from this library database). Let me know if you have any problem opening the article.

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Bogdanich, Walt. “While Technology Surges, Radiation Safeguards Lag.” New York Times, 27 Jan 2010. sirsissuesresearcher,

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