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In short paragraphs,Imagine that you are a consultant working on a special project to help a company
determine techniques that it can use in order to calculate the fair value of
investments. From the e-activity http://aaahq.org/ascLogin.cfm, prepare a report to management in which you
compare and contrast at least three (3) methods to determine the fair value of
investments. Also, recommend to management the method that the company should
use in order to maximize the value of its investments. Provide a rationale for
your response.

  • Suppose you have been hired by company XYZ to serve as a consultant who must
    explain the accounting treatment for notes receivables. Outline a memo that
    explains the advantages and disadvantages of preparing notes receivables using
    the fair value method versus using the historical cost method. Also, recommend
    to management the method that would provide the greatest benefit to the company.
    Support your response with specific examples of the benefits that would be
    derived from the method that you recommend.
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