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Your task

One way for a business to improve its competitive advantage is to innovate its core business model. Drawing on research and examples, explain the concept of a business model and how processes of innovation and entrepreneurship can help a business improve its competitive market position.

Essay Notes:

This is a research assignment, so we want you to use academic resources from tools like the library databases to do your research and find credible academic sources to support your argument. These academic sources are likely to provide you with what you need for the theoretical components of your essay.

You might use non-academic or popular press sources to help you to find evidence and examples to illustrate the points that you make in your essay.


Your essay must use at least 5 sources (ideally more), and at least 3 of your minimum 5 sources must be from academic sources.

The minimum five sources required for this assignment are IN ADDITION TO the resources we provide you in this course.

Finding your Sources

Some appropriate library databases for your academic research sources include (but are not limited to):

Business Source Premier

Google Scholar (Use the library access to avoid paying for articles found through this source)

Emerald Insight


Australia and New Zealand Reference Centre

ProQuest Business Databases

Structure of your essay

You must use an academic essay format.

This should include:

an introduction

two to three body paragraphs

a conclusion

Your essay must include both in-text citations and a reference list.

Note: your essay should not include headings.

Word Limit

The word limit for the essay is 1000 words. You can be 10% on either side of the word limit, but no more or less. This includes your in-text citations but not your APA formatted reference list. Your reference list is additional.

Due Date: Wednesday 15th April at 9am.

Your assignment will need to be submitted online TO CANVAS (not Turnitin). Some of the complexities that we are navigating this semester mean that assignments will be submitted to Canvas. You will still be able to view your similarity report once you have submitted to Canvas.

We will provide you with more information about how to submit your work closer to the deadline.

Formatting Your Assignment

Please ensure your assignment has the following formatting:

Saved and submitted as a WORD document

Font – Times Roman or Arial

Font Size – 12

Double spacing

Margins justified or aligned left

Page numbers in the footer of your document

Your name and ID number in the header of your document

Reference list at the end of your document should start on a new page

Your reference list should be in alphabetical order (by author’s surname), and should not be numbered or include any bullet points.

All hyperlinks in your assignment should be disabled

Any numbers in your essay from 1-10 should be written as a word. Numbers 10+ can be written as numbers.

All citations and references must be in APA format (please use APA 7th edition – refer to Quickcite https://www.cite.auck


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