Essay 3: Analyzing and Synthesizing

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In Light of the I-Word; Zo’s Illegal Immigration Rant (Links to an external site.)In Light of the I-Word; Zo's Illegal Immigration Rant

Through the eyes of a child immigrant | Erik Gomez | TEDxPSU (Links to an external site.)Through the eyes of a child immigrant | Erik Gomez | TEDxPSU

After contemplating the points made in all of these varied texts, write a synthesis essay with an original thesis (see p. 207 in Allyn and Bacon for advice on writing a thesis) that summarizes and analyzes the views of at least three writers/speakers on the issue of immigration. While your essay should include an appropriate mix of paraphrases and quotations from the sources to provide a sense of their main ideas, be sure to show that you have wrestled with different perspectives on the question and have synthesized these ideas to arrive at your own view of the question. In other words, feel free to bring in your own personal experience, values, or observations (your paper may, and probably should, use “I”). Note: since this is a controversial topic, keep in mind your audience (classmates and instructors at a university situated in a multi-cultural location); while varied views are encouraged, please use language that is professional and respectful.

Target page range: 5-7 pages, or 1,250-1,750 words

NOTE: In addition to these articles below, our class may add 2 or 3 more current options to this list.

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