English 3 mock interview

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Please help just the writing!!

  • Choose three questions from the list of interview questions listed in the Bucket Game on page 7 of this section. Practice answering the questions aloud, as if you were in an interview situation.
  • Choose questions that you think you would have trouble answering in a live situation. Be sure to plan your answer carefully using the interview tips as a resource.
  • Now, find someone who is available to help you complete a mock interview, using your three interview questions. You are the person being interviewed and your volunteer (parent/guardian, sibling, or friend) is the employer. Plan your answers, and then record or videotape them. If you do not have a volunteer to act as the interviewer, please state the question clearly before stating the answer you practiced.
  • When answering your questions, be sure that your tone of voice is appropriate, and speak at a rate that makes your answers interesting and easy to follow.

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