Easy career development discussion post

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Hey guys! I really need help with this class. I am taking 7 classes this semester and do not have time. Please help me out. I have these 3 disucssion post to respond to. They are all apart of the same threat. The instructions are below.

Welcome to Week 3 of our Career Development course! We are going to kick off this week with the topic of Emotional Intelligence. We will start in the discussions with some individual research where you will be exploring the topic of Emotional Intelligence and how it pertains to our career-based course. We will conclude the week with our Emotional Intelligence self-inventory and reflection that will be due on January 28th. I look forward to your comments in the discussion threads! Please remember you have four posts of high quality due in our discussion threads each week. They must make a significant contribution to the discussion and be posted on two separate days to be eligible for full credit. For example, if someone has already defined Emotional Intelligence do not just add another definition, rather find another meaningful contribution such as an application for why EI is important in the workplace. Attachments are always welcome, but be sure to properly cite ALL sources!

What is emotional intelligence? What does it help us do?

Now let’s shift our discussion to the fields or disciplines Emotional Intelligence has been studied in and found to be particularly valuable. What areas of Business is EI valuable for? Education? etc. As part of the discussion include outcomes in those various fields.

Now that we’ve had a chance to define and outline the construct of emotional intelligence, let’s turn our attention to how it can be applied to the career field of your choice. You each mentioned a couple career fields you were interested in for our introductions. Find and article in your chosen career field that discusses emotional intelligence and the role that it plays. Be sure to post a link for the article and a few comments on what you read/how it applies. This article may also be beneficial for your final career portfolio.


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