Don Quixote slideshow assignment

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Understanding the writer’s background is always a good place to begin when approaching a new text. Unlike some other pieces we have read, a lot of information is known about Miguel de Cervantes. This writer had a fascinating life. 

As you can see, Cervantes had an exciting and interesting life, which influenced his ability to write fun adventure stories. For this activity, you will do some research on this writer and create a multi-media presentation on him.

First, locate three sources on the internet that discuss Cervantes’ life. At least one of these must be an academic source from a university website. Create a works cited page as you go along. 

Your presentation must include at least five slides. Each slide should feature the following:

  1. One event from Cervantes’ life
  2. An appropriate picture
  3. At least two bullet points of information (keep your text informative, but minimal)

Your final slide should be a Works Cited page.

Create this presentation in a way that can be easily accessible to me through your journal. I recommend using Google Presentations.

Google Presentations is a function of Google Drive. (You will need a Gmail account to use this service, but these are free, safe, and reliable.) This is essentially a free, online version of PowerPoint.

1) Go to Log in to your Google account.
2) “Create” a “Presentation.” 
3) Complete your project according to the above instructions. 
4) Go to “File” and then “Share.” 
5) Under “Who Has Access,” locate the default “Private.” 
6) Beside “Private,” locate “Change…” 
7) Select instead “Anyone with the link.” 
8) Place the URL in your journal.

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