DB 350 words min and 2 responses 130 word min

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There is a 350word minimum requirement for your Initial Post for Discussion 6.1. Your 2 posts in response to your classmates, 130 word minimum for your classmate’s responses.

1. Discuss social security benefits, and make suggestions to changes needed in the system.

2. Describe your retirement goals. How do you plan to retire with relevance? (Retirement Redefined video).

3. Discuss the “senior revolution: A look at Switzerland’s aging society” video. What are the pros and cons of the information presented?

4. Elaborate on how design & technology may assist the aging population. Discuss the ideas from the “Why do we abandon great ideas when it’s for the elderly” video.

5. You may add new, relevant to this discussion in the form of a youtube, article or anecdote to earn the 100 possible points. (Add an explanation as to this new material’s relevance).


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