Critically Thinking Through Content and Facts, business and finance homework help

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Critically Thinking Through Content and Facts 
For this discussion first reflect and write out your answers to the following questions and post:

  1. The concept of critical thinking basically means __________________________. (State this meaning in your own words.)
  1. In other words, _________________________________________. (Now explain in a few sentences what you meant by the first sentence.)
  2. For example, ____________________________________________. (Now give us an example of what you meant—tying the concept to your experience, and our experience, so that we can better understand it.)
  3. To illustrate with an analogy or diagram, ______________________________________________________. (Now connect what you are saying to something similar, again, to help us better understand it.) 
    (question adapted from Paul & Elder, 2012)

All learners should be prepared to critique the postings from at least two fellow students, but be sure to back up your thoughts and feedback with concrete facts and insights based on research. You may also want to cite other examples to support your position.

Include at least 1-2 scholarly sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.

Format your discussion, including all in-text citations and references, according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements .

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