CPD Paper 2

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I need help with the 1-2 page report for the second part of my paper. What was completed for part 1 is listed below for more info.


1) Review Sanders’ and Belz’ design and Blank’s Customer Discovery concept.

  • Demo: Create a minimum viable solution (this is usually free information about your potential product and how it address the pain point, or a free consultation for a potential service). Provide your minimum viable solution for “free” to at least 5 target prospects. The “fee” is only the prospects’ feedback. Make sure you provide a pre-order form with a space for suggestions and comments.
  • Report what product/service you chose, what solution you provided, and what feedback you got. Would anyone pre-order? What suggestions/comments did you receive? How will you use that feedback to adjust your offering?
  • 2) Refer to Belz’ “external environment” scanning and research advice.
  • Use interactions about your minimum viable solution to summarize the following:
    • Identifying target market – who/what is the target market? How was it identified? Why?
    • Positioning – how will you position the product or service? Did this change as a result of the research?
    • Conclude the report with the following:
      • Describe the product/service you will develop/offer
      • How much will you sell if for?
      • Where will you sell it?
      • How will they you /promote it?

3) References

Part one of the paper is the following:

My product/service is creating a restaurant. It’s an Italian restaurant, but with a twist/mix of some spanish. Not all the typical food found at most Italian restaurants. My restaurant design will be congruent with my customers and solution. First, the model will provide an ambiance environment for my customers. The plan is well equipped with air conditioning and ventilation for a comfortable stay of the customers. Second, my design will have resolved the problem areas by incorporating features such as dividers into the design. Lastly, the design will create a serene environment for the customers from the music that will be playing in the background. Testing of my design is crucial for the success of the business. First, I would conduct a local market search to find out if my design will fill a need in the market. Secondly, I would lead focus groups to get the best feedback about my concept. Lastly, I would examine my risk factor to be sure that I am comfortable with the design.


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