Complete Short Discussion (ATC)

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DISCUSSION 1: (YOU WILL COMPLETE THIS ONE 3 TIMES, with different asnwers, THERE ARE 3 students in the same class)

  • The Romans were more maintainers of culture than inventors of culture.” Agree or disagree with this statement. Be sure to use three examples from the reading along with rationale to support your position.


Think about popular television programs on the air right now. What do the women in these programs look like? What do the men look like? What kinds of messages do you think the media is sending about men and women in our society?


define what the term The Graying of the United States means.

After you define this term give some facts and statistics about the elderly in our society and the Baby Boomers. You can also Google some facts about the elderly in our society and share them with the class. In what ways are the elderly a hindrance to society, and in what ways are they a strength to our economic growth?

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