Company Summary, Estimates supporting budgets.Master Budget Plan: ACE Manufacturing Company

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Develop a 2018 budget for Ace Manufacturing Company. Deliver the
budget in spreadsheet format. Please include justifications for your
budgetary decisions. The justifications should be written somewhere on
the spreadsheet. Below is a very rough outline of the company. Use this
as the basis for your assumptions about the company and the resulting
2018 budget. You may add detail as you require to complete the budget.
For example yearly sales, unit sales, sales mix, employee salaries,
costs of the land and building to maintain, product development costs,
testing costs, costs to suppliers, shipping and freight costs for
incoming material and outgoing products.

Company background:

develops and manufactures garden carts for the home user. Ace has 3
products in production and one in development. Ace development,
manufacturing and administration is all located in one building that is
40,000 sq. ft. in size.

Product A has 80% material cost and 20%
labor and overhead. Product B is 75-25 and Product C 70-30. Ace Mfg.
sells to Ace Hardware Stores nationwide and sells directly to consumers
by way of being an Amazon supplier.

Ace employs 10 people total.
President / VP of Operations, administrative assistant / office manager,
VP Finance & Controller, 1 R&D engineer, 1 manufacturing
engineer, 2 production employees, 1 purchasing / material handling
employee, 1 technical marketing / customer support and 2 salesman.

D is being developed in the lab with an introduction expected in June
2018. January through June consumes material for prototypes, project
material for analysis and testing resources.

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