cohesion case

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Business Intelligence Cohesion Case

You have an opportunity to implement a Data Warehouse at the Broadway Café. However, the cost of building one is high, so you must make some decisions. Using what you know from your readings, answer the following questions.

  1. Which of the dimensions below can be used to perform sales and market analysis?
  2. Rank all the dimensions below on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being most important. Please make sure all 26 dimensions are ranked!
  3. Pick your top 10! Because you have to make choices due to cost constraints, if you could only pick 10 dimensions from the list, which ones would you pick and why. Use your answers for questions 1 and 2 above to help you narrow it down.

Dimension Value

Dimension Value

Product Price


Customer Gender

To Go or Dine In Order

Quantity Sold

Stock Market Closing Price

Order Date

Employee Number

Payment Method

Promotion Number

Product Cost

Customer Age

Order Time

Customer Religious Affiliation

Exchange Rate

Manufacturer or Vendor Number

Interest Rate

Music Playing in Store


Customer Name

Customer’s Political Affiliation

Product Number

Store Hours

Customer Language

Commission Policy

Traffic Report

Capture your answers in a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet. Make sure that all 3 questions are clearly answered and marked.

Submit your completed assignment using this assignment link.

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