Coding Assignment – Marketing and Media

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Develop a plan to conduct a content analysis that explores a research question about the kind of advertising that might be geared toward particular TV programming. An example: “Are manufacturers of men’s products more likely to sponsor violent TV shows than other kinds of sponsors are?”

1) What are the units of analysis in your research question?

2) Determine the sampling method, which would include the TV stations you would watch, the period of the study, the hours of day you would watch, and the number of commercials you would code.

3) Determine a coding strategy: See below for 3a and 3b

3a) What do you need to code for?

3b) How do you conceptualize your independent and dependent variables?

3c) What analytical strategy would you use to report the results of your study?


1 the two things you need to code for are 1) Men’s Products and 2) Violent TV Shows, so in YOUR research question, what would need to be coded?

2) How would you conceptualize men’s products? What about violent TV shows? How would you know that a commercial is for men’s products? What counts as violence in TV shows? What type of variable(s) would you create (i.e. how should we code for men’s products and violence on a coding sheet)? What are the attributes that make up these variables?

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