Child Beauty Pagents Should Be aAnned

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Complete the following for this assignment: This is due 1/30 so I will not be able to send 2 classmates posts until then…..

  • Post 1 body paragraph from your research paper to the Discussion Board.
  • This body paragraph must contain at least 1 use of a source.

Review the body paragraphs of at least 2 classmates by doing the following:

  • Write out what you believe is the main point of the paragraph. If it is the same as the first sentence, you may copy and paste it.
  • Identify what number word (e.g., first, second, third, next, finally) is used to introduce the main point.
  • Write out any sentence or sentences that use source material.
  • Identify each use of source material as either a direct quote or a summary.
  • Write out the in-text citation provided in the sentence(s) that contained the source material. Is the in-text citation correct?
  • Was an in-text citation used each time source material was used?

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