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  • QUESTION 1.     
  • Consider some of the challenges and benefits of operating a family business.
  • Discuss three potential challenges of working with family
  • Discuss at least one viable solution for each of these challenges
  • Be sure to cite several sources of information that are directly applicable to the subject matter.  I encourage you to chat with a local family-operated business if that is a possibility in your area.

 QUESTION  2 – E-Business and E-Commerce

For this discussion, tell us about your personal online purchasing experiences versus traditional shopping.  Include such topics as:

  • Pros and cons of both types of shopping
  • Potential pros and cons of operating each type of business
  • Recommendations you might make to organizations such as or and persuasive arguments for those recommendations
  • Your perspectives on the future of eCommerce, both short term and long term

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