Capstone Planning Session Leadership Theory, management homework help

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Assignment  – Capstone Planning Session
Due by Saturday midnight, Mountain Time (120 pts).

What is your plan?.jpg

You may be wondering why you would be completing a Capstone Planning Session in a Leadership Theories course, well, many of the principles and practices covered within this course align with requirements of your Capstone Project or Business Plan. To aid in preparation for your Capstone courses and to connect theories associated with this course and the Capstone, your assignment is creating a Capstone Planning Session that connects relevant Module Two concepts with relevant aspects of the Capstone process. 

The Capstone Planning Session is an opportunity for you to meet with someone who will guide you through the capstone process. If you have not already established a relationship with your Capstone Coach, this would be a good opportunity to do so. 

It is important that you get the most out of the planning session with your coach, therefore, it will be to your benefit to prepare an outline and/or list of discussion topics for your session.  This will help you hit the ground running and create a strong foundation for you and your coach to build on.

For this assignment, you will create a plan for your coach session. This will include questions, comments, and concerns that you would like to share with your capstone coach, relating to your business plan or project development. To get you started on your plan, see the list below. However, do not hesitate to include more in your plan. This assignment should go by fairly quickly as you are only creating an outline of what you want to discuss with your capstone coach. 
Optional topics:

  • Questions to ask your Capstone Coach:
    • How will this leadership theories course aid me in the Capstone? How do other courses apply to my capstone (business plan/project)? What can I do to complete my capstone on time or to advance in the process? What can I do in this module in preparation for my Capstone?
    • What are your career goals? Share these with your coach. They can help you further develop your goals. How will a leadership theories course help me within my career goals?
    • Any other questions, concerns, or comments you have for your capstone coach.

Note: You do not need to contact your capstone coach for this assignment.

Do not forget to use spell check, grammar check, and proofread before submitting. You will need to write 750 words.

Submission Instructions

  1. Click the Submit Assignment link to submit your work.
  2. When the Submit Assignment link opens, select the Upload File tab.
  3. To upload a file from your computer and submit as your assignment, click the Choose File button.
  4. A pop-up window will appear in your browser.
  5. Click the file title and select the Choose button to upload the file. (Depending on your browser, the button may say Open instead of Choose.)
  6. Click the Submit Assignment button to submit your assignment.
  7. After you have submitted your assignment, you should be able to view a confirmation that you submitted your

Your assignment now has been submitted for instructor review.

I need the above assignment without any plagarism.

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