business communication homework

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answer the following question with one paragraph:

1- Which is more important: written or verbal communication; why? What are three (3) things that can be done to improve each of these (for a total of (6))?

2- While developing a speech/presentation, individuals should consider: language, perception (theirs and the audiences), and ethnocentrism. Provide an example of a way that each of these can impact communication delivery. Then, identify a method to overcome it.

3- Many factors can contribute to individuals experiencing conflict during a communication exchange. Research this topic to identify an article which addresses this issue. Then, post a link with your submission.

4- Also, identify at least five (5) reasons that conflict might occur between individuals and five (5) strategies to overcome interpersonal conflict.

5- Your organization has experienced challenges with the development of team camaraderie. Provide a list of five (5) activities that can be used to build relationships. Then, describe the reason(s) that each one is an effective strategy.

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