Business 6600 Memo

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I need you to evaluate our organization’s financial condition using ratio analysis.  The information you will require is in our most recent 10-K Annual Report.  For your analysis, use one key ratio from two of the following key categories of ratios: liquidity, debt, profitability and activity.  For each of the two, state the ratio you selected, why you chose it, and what it generally communicates about an organization’s financial performance.  Calculate these key ratios for the last several years.  Discuss how they are changing and what that suggests about how our organization is performing financially.  Provide recommendations for improvement.  I’ll need your response in memo format to distribute at our upcoming general management meeting.  

Teacher Note: A Form 10-K is an annual report submitted by each corporation on the stock exchange to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  In it a corporation is required to provide a complete summary of their financial performance.  10-K Reports are available for free on the SEC’s website ( or you can search for them using “Form 10-K annual report” and the corporation’s name.  You may select any corporation you so desire.  Choose one that interests you.


In terms of format, your memos should be created in Microsoft Word.  Make sure your work adheres to the following requirements:

–  Times New Roman Font, 12 point (make sure your header and footer also)

–  8.5” x 11” document size, with 1” margins all around

–  In the Paragraph settings, make sure the box “Don’t add an extra space between paragraphs of the same style” is checked.

–  Single space the entire document, and make sure there are no extra spaces before and after each line (is in the paragraph settings).

Use the Microsoft Word Reference and Citation Manager to handle inserting your in-text citations and “References” page, which should be in APA format.  Include 3 referneces.

—The memo format to be used it attached as a file

Memo Template(1) (1).doc

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