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Design Theory Please respond to the following

Based on the scenario, prepare a brief
training cost analysis for a training program of your choice, including
estimated time requirements for each task and relating those time requirements
to the overall cost you have identified for the project. It’s best to create a
table for this analysis. Then, briefly describe your strategy for

Also please respond to Stefanie post below

Training cost analysis description:

Amount of time spent:


Prepare and Plan

1 week

Meetings for edits/changes 2 days $2,000
Finalize and Administer Program 2 Weeks $40,000

Based on the information above, I have provided what a daily training would
look geared towards leadership within a call center. The training is for
supervisors of customer service to ensure proper documentation is being done for
every employee on their team. This will help keep all leaders aligned, make it
an easier process and provide the same message to front-line employees whether
it is their direct report or another supervisor helping with a concern. The
reason I put 1 week for prepare and plan is because the training team will need
to reach out to peers and other centers to see what has worked well and gather
all the information needed to make it a successful training. This means that
there will be longer hours worked, more people involved and potentially taking
away from other centers causing it to be more expensive than other trainings.
Next, meetings and edits would need to take place for the next 2 days to provide
enough time to make any necessary updates within the training material. Lastly,
once the training is rolled out, it takes time and additional trainers to assist
with large groups of leadership. The reason the amount is higher for this
category is because for every minute a supervisor is away, there has to be
another person to step in and help their team during those times. This means for
one supervisor position, the company is technically having to pay twice the
amount during the training period. My plan would ensure success through
leadership and bring better consistency and results to the company with needed


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