Blog Post for Writing for Public Relations. Simple Assignment

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Begin to establish your voice as a writer. Practice writing under tight deadlines.


Throughout the semester you will be writing multiple blog posts that we will publish on a public blog site. The target reader of the blog is current or soon-to-be college students. Think about the type of college student you want to speak to speci cally. For example, it could be college athletes, those in a speci c major, those from a certain geography or background or based on lifestyle interests. While you don’t have to narrow down your focus for this rst blog, if you have a general idea of the theme of your posts, use that idea for this rst post.

A common type of blog post is to provide advice in some way. If you could go back in time to the sum- mer before you started college, what advice would you give yourself? This doesn’t have to be a deep, philosophical exercise (unless you want it to be), but even simple speci c tips and things that you learned along the way.

Writing Tips

• Don’t be too broad. Focus on a speci c topic. Don’t be general. Provide an example that adds more depth to your post.

  • Avoid clichés and generic ideas.
  • Be authentic.
  • While you can write in rst person, minimize the use of “I” in your sentence. Use a variety ofsentence structures to keep it interesting.
  • Brainstorm topics and create an outline before you start writing.RequirementsDue: 2/3/20 @ 4:00pm Submission: Upload to BlackboardFormat:• Cover Page: Student name, date, assignment title
  • Use 1” margins and 10-12 point font size for the body text. You can make your headers morestylized.
  • Font style: Simple and easy to read one a monitor. Recommend Times New Roman, Arial, CenturyGothic, Verdana, or similar style. (no script or ornate fonts)
  • PDF le format only. While Blackboard allows other le formats, only this is the only formataccepted for this class.Deliverables:• Describe target reader
    • Headline
    • Length: Minimum 400-500 words • Photo to include with your bioGradingPoints: 25
    • Content/Originality: Content is complete, accurate, relevant AND offers new ideas.
    • Writing Quality: Writing is crisp, clear, and succinct. The writer incorporates the active voice whenappropriate and supports ideas with examples. No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors aremade.
    • Writing Style: The style is engaging and follows principles reviewed in class related to writingfor blogs.
    • Format: Meets requirements for formatting, length and le type.

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