Bible paper-02

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Part 1: Answer all these questions, total word count at least 350

  • Constantine, like Decius and Diocletian, wanted to restore Rome to its ancient glory, but something was very different. What was this difference and what influence would this difference have upon the formation of western civilization?
  • Historians have debated the “conversion” experience of Constantine. Some historians claim that his conversion was merely for political gain while others claim that he in fact had a genuine conversion. The author provides his own interpretation of this experience. What did the author describe? What does the author provide as some of the differences Constantine experienced as a Christian and what did he reserve the right to do?
  • What does anachronistic mean? How does this relate to the argument presented by Gonzales?
  • Other than the theological influence of the Nicene Creed, what other influences on the life of the church did Constantine have? Give 2-3 examples from the textbook. Then describe how the Christians needed to adapt to these changes while maintaining faith in the message. What were Christians adapting from and to? What was changing and what was maintained?

Part 2: word count at least 300

Survey a few of friends, co-workers, or pastor about their understanding of the Christian doctrine of the trinity. Then summarize their ideas and thoughts about this belief and list them in your submission to BL. The first activity has the potential to expand your thinking regarding this key Christian doctrine and help you see how others express this notion in the contemporary world.

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