-Attract business to your province – you are working as communication officer , your job is to write a letter out to business to come here and do business For research – provincial website and look up for tax incentives. – draft letter- summarize reason

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Case 3

Case Assignment 3: Persuasive Letter

Letter Promoting Your Province for Business

Your provincial government works hard to attract businesses that are considering expanding or relocating entirely from another province.

Your office has services and resources that reach out to these companies and oversee the incentive programs the province offers to both new and established businesses.

Your task

As an assistant in the communication office of your provincial government, you play an important role in reaching out to companies that want to expand or relocate to your area.

Research the business pages on your provincial government’s website and review the reasons why a business would find it desirable to relocate to your province.

Summarize these reasons in a persuasive letter that will be sent to business executives throughout the country.

Ensure that you introduce yourself and your purpose in the letter, and close with a compelling call to action.

(Have them reach you by telephone at 1-800-555-2930 or by emailat your office, for example, yourname@yourprovince.ca).

As you plan your letter, imagine yourself as the CEO of a company and consider what a complex choice it would be to move to another province.


Due no later than 4:00 PM on Thursday, March 5, 2020

Submit assignment via Moodle

Must have a title page with assignment name, course number and name, student name, instructor’s name and date.

Assignment will be marked out of 25 points.

Counts towards 10% of your total mark.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (See Assessment Rubric)

Introduction – 5 pts.

Content (persuasive strategies) & Organization – 5 pts.

Format & Design – 5 pts.

Conclusion – 5 pts.

Grammar, Spelling & Mechanics – 5pts.

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