Applying a Model of Life Balance to the Occupation of Sleep, Health & Medical Assignment Homework Help

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Topic: Applying a Model of Life Balance to the Occupation of Sleep

Read the following chapters and articles:

Matuska & Christiansen:

Chapter 11: A Theoretical Model of Life Balance and Imbalance.

AOTA. (2013). Tips for living life to its fullest: Establishing bedtime routines for children. AOTA. Retrievable at

Fung et al. (2013). Time to wake up: Bridging the gap between theory and practice for sleep in occupational therapy. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 76, 384-386.

Leland et. al. (2014). What is occupational therapy’s role in addressing sleep problems among older adults? Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, 34, 141-149.

Picard, M.M. (2012). Fact Sheet: Occupational therapy’s role in sleep. AOTA. Retrievable at

Watson et. al. (2014) Back to the basics: Sleep and occupation. Occupational Therapy Now, 16.6, 8-10. Retrievable from:

Discussion Questions:

The authors’ model of life balance in the textbook includes 5 dimensions of activities identified (on pages 150 and 151) that meet a person’s essential needs for pursuing a life with greater balance.

1. Briefly paraphrase the authors’ description of the five dimensions. How are these dimensions of activities affected when an individual experiences a sleep disorder or sleep problem(s)? Provide examples from your readings and/or examples from other relevant sources with appropriate in-text citations and accompanying references.

2. Select a specific sleep disorder and briefly describe its symptoms and their impact on day-to-day functioning of an adult or child with that particular disorder. (Possible disorders: Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Jet Lag Syndrome, Interrupted sleep from concussion or mild head injury, etc.)

A) How would an occupational therapist develop a plan to assess the needs of a client with this sleep disorder?

B) How would the therapist use the evaluation findings to develop an OT intervention plan?

C) Describe at least three specific strategies that a therapist would use as part of an effective intervention plan for an OT client with this particular sleep disorder. Include direct treatment strategies and also include consultative and/or client education strategies.

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