Anthropology writing paper-04

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These response papers provide opportunities for discussion and critical analysis of current biological, cultural, and social issues related to human growth and development. Reaction papers are only 2-3 pages long so writing should be concise and focused around a couple of main points. For this week, choose one of the articles attached to respond to.

Option 1: Check E. 2005. Screen test: A new technique could allow doctors to spot hundreds of potential genetic problems in unborn babies. But is it too soon to put it to use? Nature 438: 733-734. (see attached reading 1)

&15 minute History -Eugenics:…

Option 2: Johnson HM. 2003. Unspeakable conversations. The New York Times; 2/16/03.(attach reading 2)

Option 3: Weil E. 2006. A wrongful birth? The New York Times. 3/12/06 (attach reading 3)

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