Anthropology writing paper -01

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The purpose of these assignments is to get you thinking about the materials presented for the week. I am looking for engagement with the subject materials, critical thinking skills, and good writing skills. Please review the Course Schedule for due dates. Any students caught plagiarizing will receive a 0 for the assignment and depending on the severity either fail the class or at most be able to receive a C in the class.

Written Assignment #1 : Write a summary/synthesis of the articles assigned in Lesson 2 (Fiedel 2000; Waters and Stafford 2007; Erlandson et al. 2007; Nature 2018). Please compare/contrast the theories and perspectives of each paper and include a brief critique (your opinion). All answers must be written in proper essay format using correct grammar, spelling, etc. Essays should be a minimum of 700 words (2-3 pages, double-spaced). All articles referenced must be included in a separate References Cited page at the end, which does NOT count toward your word minimum.

Need to summary all these readings: (Fiedel 2000; Waters and Stafford 2007; Erlandson et al. 2007; Nature 2018).

No outside resources needed for this writing paper.

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