Answer the following essay questions

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Read the HBS Case “Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010” at least twice. Discuss the case with your teammates. Then answer the following questions.

  1. Soft drink industry has been historically profitable. Why?
  2. Compare the economics of the concentrate business to the economics of the bottling business. Why do you think the profitability is so different between these businesses?
  3. How has the competition between Coke and Pepsi affected the industry’s profits?
  4. How can Coke and Pepsi sustain their profits in the wake of flattening demand and the growing popularity of non-CSDs?

I am looking for a substantial industry analysis in this assignment. The more concepts of external analysis you cover, the deeper your analysis will be

use this link to answer the questions. This link provides the case study to help answer the questions. please do not use any outside resources apart from this link provided.

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