ADEPT Level-Up Assignment

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(800-1000 word expository essay with proper source attribution, APA style. Please
include cover, abstract, and works cited sections):

1. Explain how the following elements and terms affect the quality of a picture:

○ Light—natural light/ambient, flash.

○ Exposure—aperture (fstops), shutter speed, depth of field.
○ Composition—rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, depth.
○ Angle of view.

○ Stopping action.
2. Explain the basic parts and operation of a digital SLR camera.
3. Explain how the image is recorded when you take a picture.

4. Explain how the image information is stored and retrieved.

5. Describe how image editing software allows you to make adjustments, enhancements,
additions, or subtractions to digital photograph after it is taken. How should these
abilities affect a person’s level of trust in the media?

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