3-pages film analysis essay about film M

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I will provide a article about the M (in attachment), read the article first, then address Mary Anne Doane’s arguments in “The Voice in Cinema” by analyzing M (Fritz Lang, 1931),
and, in particular, the clip opening the film in which Elsie disappears.

For additional guidance on particular things to look for in each film and clip, and/or questions to
address with your analysis, see the lecture notes for each film, as well as the discussion board
prompts for that class.

Whether you paraphrase or quote, include in-text citation, footnotes, or endnotes, you must cite
accordingly. You are also expected to provide a bibliography (even though it is just one text, this is
an important habit). You do not need to do any additional research—and, in fact, should not
incorporate other sources for your interpretation of the academic text or film. See the texts in the
“Writing Guides” folder for additional information on citing sources.

Through this process, I suggest you:

  1. Write down anything about a specific image, sound, figure, camera movement, or series of
    shots that best illustrates your topic.
  2. Paraphrase in a paragraph or two the overall argument of the academic text/s you would like
    to incorporate.
  3. Define the key terms from the text/s that are most relevant to your argument, and explain
    why these are helpful.

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