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  • Ask at least one question in response to an original peer post that you would like the author to explore further.

The political influence of the mayor impacted the case with
the homelessness children living in the street. The mayor did not want the
children to learn the survival skills of the streets. He wanted the children to
have an education. The logic-approach the mayor plan was to
institutionalize the children and to educate them while they are off the
street. The city businesses were complaining to the mayor to have the homeless
children begging in front of stores, which would not bring tourists. The idea,
in my opinion, is better than street life, which is dangerous. The health
problems and life expectancy are six years for children living in the streets.

The typical rational problem-solving process that moves
from needs assessment and problem analysis (based on theories, principles, and
assumptions) into goals and activities resulting in outcomes and, sometimes,
impacts (Netting, O’Connor & Fauri, 2008).

The approach of planning perspective is pivotal. Plan to assess
what would give a better outcome for the children. My concern is the most pressing needs for the children’s
homelessness situation.? Are the resources adequate to deal with the homeless
problem in the city? Can the problem best be solved by health prevention
and intervention, or could it be handled better through another means of
involvement of Stakeholders and other organizations as providing foster homes
or finding the children’s families and providing services, counseling to the
family unit? Are effective intervention strategies available to address the
social problem?. Can
the problem be solved in a reasonable amount of time with a successful outcome in the community?


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